April 6

There was a very colorful sky this morning just before sunrise.
Kathy is having a relaxing day at the condo once again.  She says her knee is feeling a little better.  She's enjoying her ipad and keeping her sympathy stick close by.
I went for a walk along the beach at Puako.  It is a very calm day with a bit of swell.  This is just north of Mauna Lani.
Ever heard of a Wandering Tattler?  That's what I think this bird is.

We had this part of the beach pretty much to ourselves.

Very nice to walk along the beach.  It is just about all black lava with some small white sandy spots.
I came across only one turtle, which is unusual, there are usually quite a few in the pools or on the rocks.  Maybe they were out in the water feeding.
I was going to wait for this one to stick his head up to breathe, but he outlasted me.  They seem to be able to hold their breath for quite a while.
Puako has just one road, which runs off the highway and then parallel to the shore for about a mile.  There are houses along both sides of the road.  There is one store, two churches, one small condo, a boat launch and quite a few public shore accesses (that's what they call beach accesses here.) 

There is a wide range of house types from very, very rustic cabins, mostly on the non waterfront side, to extremely posh mansions.  Some, like this one, are only a few feet above sea level and are built on stilts.  Probably a good idea as there is sure to be a tsunami along here at some point.

Another nice sunset on Mauna Kea this evening.  It seems like there is less snow than when we got here -  wow, it's a week ago already!

We are really appreciating be able to sit outside this time of day in nice warm weather, listening to the birds chatting and the palm trees rustling in the breeze.


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