April 1

Quite an overcast start to the day, even a few raindrops!  This is the same view as yesterday, looking out toward Mauna Kea.  It sounds like the Big Island is going to be sunny later on.  It is about 27 and feels good.

Kathy heard that Mauna Kea got 2" of new snow last night and that the road up the mountain was icy this morning.

The birds sound great, especially in the morning.  This saffron finch was just off the lanai this morning.

After breakfast, Kathy went to ride the bike for half and hour, I went for a walk up the King's Trail beside the golf course and around the fishponds.

It looks like it is nest building time for some of the birds.  This is one of the three types of cardinals. 
Kolea are pretty common on the golf course.  They are quite timid and hard to get very close to. 
Myna birds are probably the birds we see and hear the most.  They are quite chatty.  Many of the palm trees seem to have a pair of them nesting.
There are zebra doves and spotted doves around here.  They are responsible for some of the distinctive Hawaiian bird sounds we like so much.
We went to Puako Beach for a short while after lunch.  This is a favorite beach for me, mostly lava with small sandy spots.  It is miles long and has lots of big tidepools.
Kathy had no problems climbing around on the lava.  There is very little algae on it so it is not slippery when it is dry.
Kolea is the Hawaiian name.  They are a kind of plover.  Apparently some head to Alaska for the summer.
The tide was in quite far and there weren't many turtles, none close by.  There will be other photo ops another time, I'm sure.
While we were on the beach it actually started raining.  Very unusual in our experience.  It was still nice and warm, but I had to put my camera away.

Relaxing on the lanai after a quick swim in the pool.  Things sure do dry quickly once the rain stops. 

It is just about Happy Hour, a good time to sit and watch the clouds lift off Mauna Kea, (I'm hoping.)

Nice flowers just off the lanai.
This is the smallest gecko I've seen this year, it's on a propane tank.
Makes a nice picture from the lanai but it means there is rain in the air.  It sounds like we might have another day with not much sun tomorrow.  At least it makes it easier to get used to the sun gradually.

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