April 10

We were down at the beach just after 8:00 for a snorkel today.  Another nice day!  Not many people here at this time.
I forgot my camera strap so I couldn't take my camera in the water with me.  No fish pictures to show but we did see lots.  These paddlers came in for a 30 min rest before setting off again.  We stretched out in the sun to dry off before heading back.


This is in the parking lot by the beach.  We see a few of these cute 4 seater carts around the resort.  They get preferred parking in a many of the parking lots.  (They are for rent but are far pricier than renting a car.) 
We hung out on the lanai for a while.  These are the flowers I could see beside the lanai.
After lunch we drove over to the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel for a look around.  We've walked over other times but not with a sore knee.  The hotel uses these carts to carry people around the resort.  There seems to be a steady stream of vans also carrying people to shops, golf courses, etc.   
I left Kathy looking and went for a walk through the grounds of this hotel and along the beach to the Fairmont Orchid Hotel, the other hotel at Mauna Lani.
This is where we were yesterday for a ginger ale.

I walked through the lobby and took a few pictures.  They show that the hotel lives up to its name.

I just stopped in one place to take these next pictures; all within a few feet.
I met up with Kathy back at Mauna Lani by pond that had two hammerhead sharks in it.
One more stop and we were back home.  Kathy selects her wines in large part on the labels.  This is the one that caught her eye today.

We also bought a piece of fresh tuna to barbecue this evening.  The tuna steaks were $24.00/lb and when Kathy asked how big the one she wanted was, the butcher said, "About 3 lbs."  It took us a second to realize he was kidding; he laughed and said really it was only about .5 lbs.  


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