April 11

Beautiful day in the neighborhood, 8:30 at the beach
I remembered my camera strap today so there has to be some snorkelling pictures.
Yellow tangs are one of the most common fish we see, sometimes in schools like this.
Slate pencil sea urchin
Three little fish like this are enough to inspire a person to do some carving.
These guys are one of Kathy's favorites.
Raccoon butterfly fish
Waikoloa Village is a small town up the hill from Waikoloa Beach Resort; not quite so upscale and touristy.  We can see it from our lania, it is about 7 miles away.  We drove up there and had lunch at a Mexican food kiosk in the little shopping center and then went to the grocery store.

I know  you're wondering; it is about 80 degrees out, a little hazy; and feels pretty good.

I went for a walk to the fish ponds around 2:00, Kathy was going to ice her knee for a while then go over for a gentle cycle and a swim at the pool.

I watched a couple of Black-crowned night-herons fishing in the fish ponds.  There would be lots for them to eat here and they are very good at waiting for little fish to come close.  They are quite a bit smaller than Great Blue herons but are almost as photogenic. 

I had this area to myself for the whole time I was here.

I got back around 4:00, feeling satisfied that I got what I hoped were some good pictures.  I also managed to come across 3 golf balls to bring home along the way.  Kathy was just leaving for the pool when I got back. 

It does feel like Happy Hour now that I have loaded a few of the many pictures I took on my walk.

Here we are sitting on the lanai after a really nice dinner, it was a bit hazy, no good view of Mauna Kea, but when the sunset, it got dark, we had a second glass of wine, it cleared up and we could see an almost full moon.  


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