April 12

It's about 8:00 when this was taken, Kathy is resting on the lanai with her ipad and a bag of frozen peas. Kathy had a Facetime visit with Tania, Pat and her Mom and Dad this morning after her cycle.
My walk this morning took me along a paved path that goes through a lava field close to the hotel and beach.
Signs like this along the way describe a few things to look at.

Back beside the fishponds I saw this cardinal.   They seem to be not too common, this is the second time I've seen one this trip.

It sounds like the weather is pretty nice at home, here's hoping for a few more warm, sunny days.

There doesn't seem to be too many bugs here, but we do have a few very large bees.  This one stood still and let me take a couple of   close up pictures of it
Mauna Kea had a very rosy hue as the sun went down today.  Interesting that even the black lava can take on a different colour.
There is definitely less snow by the observatories than when we got here two weeks ago.
Almost a full moon tonight.  I know there is going to be a lunar eclipse next week that will be visible in N. America.  We probably will not be in a position to see it here; too bad because it is usually quite clear at night.


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