April 13

Down to the beach after breakfast today.  It was quite breezy with the wind blowing onshore.  It was fairly choppy and once the waves started washing over my snorkel, I could tell this was going to be a shorter swim.
The water was nice and warm, but not as clear as it has been on calmer days.
The tide was out this morning and Kathy had a look around the beach for a few shells; choosing not to swim. 

In the water, the fish looked happy, including this bunch of yellow tangs.  There wouldn't be as many pesky snorkelers as usual.

After hanging around the condo for awhile, we headed over to the Kings Shops at Waikoloa to do some shopping.  This didn't take me too long so I left Kathy looking and we agreed to meet at 4:00.

I walked across the street where a road led to the beach behind the Marriott Hotel.  I took this picture to show what the area looks like only a little off the beaten track where no irrigation is done.  This is an area of the big island that gets virtually no rain and as Kathy likes to say it looks like the bottom of a barbecue.  At the same time, any place that gets irrigated looks very lush.

This is "A Bay" which was is some pictures a couple of days ago.
There is a paddling club here.  This is one of the boats that came into the bay where we snorkel.  It is probably about 8 km from here.
This is one end of A Bay.  That is the Marriott Hotel on the right, with a big freshwater pond between it and the ocean.  The beach separating the pond from the ocean was pretty well washed away by the tsunami after the Fukishima earthquake 2 years ago. 
This is the beach looking back to where the last one was taken.  The beach was rebuilt by laying down big white canvas bags of sand, which you can see on the left.  Mostly they are covered with sand but are exposed in a few places. 

Notice the lack of people at 3:00 on a hot, sunny, Sunday afternoon?  It is really windy here today, with a wind warning calling for winds of 45 mph and I'd say it was all of that.  There were lots of people up by the much more sheltered pools at the hotel when I walked by.  

We decided to stop at Tommy Bahama's at Mauna Lani to share an appetizer and have a drink, knowing it would be happy hour.  It is on the second floor above the Tommy Bahama clothing store and Kathy let me talk her in to using the elevator, much easier on her knee. 

We had been talking about whether I would have a Mai Tai, I decided that I wouldn't and opted for wine.  Kathy was going to have a Marguarita, but Mai Tai was on her mind and that's what she ordered.  Lucky for me I ended up with two drinks in the end.

The appetizers were so good we ended up sharing two more.  These are the second ones.  We decided this was a great time to go out for a meal, at least at this place.  It is about a 2 min. drive back to the condo.  When we got home it was getting on toward 6:00 and we both figured we wouldn't need to eat 'til tomorrow.

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