April 14

It was still quite windy this morning so we decided rather than try and swim at the beach we would go for a walk and a cycle.

I left about 7:30 and headed along the trail, beside the golf course toward the fish ponds.

That's our condo looking from the trail across the third hole.  Ours is the unit on the right end.

Not many people around this time of day, although there were a few, mostly out exercising.
The beach where we snorkel was very quiet at 8:00.
I came across four ducks just sitting in a little group beside a cart path on the golf course.  They posed for pictures.
This one is called a Radja shelduck.  I saw one once before, two years ago quite close to where I saw this one.  Surprising, because I've walked and driven by here lots of times each trip.

Apparently they were accidentally introduced from Austrailia when some that were being kept, escaped.

Kathy wanted to pickup a couple of things on Kona and we headed in there around 9:30.  It is about a 30 min. drive.

We had lunch at a place called Lava Lava on the Beach on A Bay in Waikoloa.  Very nice setting and it was pretty sheltered from the wind.  It was interesting to see that there was no wind in Kona and the water was very calm. What a difference 25 miles make. 

For dessert went to the general store in Puako and got an ice cream.
Across the road from the store went stopped at a beach access and this is what the bay looked like.  The wind warning for this area ends at 6:00 this evening.
As it turned out we were in a good spot to see the eclipse.  The evening  was nice and warm, although still windy.
This was around 9:00 and once the eclipse was total, I really did need a tripod. 

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