April 15

We got down to the beach before 8:00 today, after Kathy had cycled for 15 min.  She figures it helps loosen up her knee.  She is walking a bit easier today, even on the beach.

Not too much wind when we got in the water which was a nice change from the last couple of days.  We could see a lot of sand had been blown around on the beach, exposing a bits of black lava.

The water was much murkier near the surface; that's Kathy about a meter away from me.
Close to the beach there isn't too much coral but there are fish even in a couple of feet of water, like this one, an Ornate Butterfly fish.
Further out the water got a little clearer.  It was interesting to feel that the water was definitely warmer 2 or 3 meters down.  Usually it is the other way around.  The water at the surface was cooler than it has been other days.  It felt nice to dive down into warmer water.
If the fish aren't just swimming around in the water like in the picture above, they are usually nibbling away at the coral like these guys.  There are at least 5 different kinds all in a bunch here.

We could see that the wind was picking up before we got out of the water and was fairly brisk again before long.  One good thing with the sand being blown around, Kathy was able to find some little shells on the beach to add to her collection. 

We were back to the condo just after 9:00 thinking that there is nothing like a nice refreshing swim in the morning.

Kathy stretched out on the lounger for a few minutes when we got back then tried dying some fabric.  Although it was a bit breezy it did dry pretty quickly.
We thought this would be a good tie to visit the Hamakua Macadamia Nut factory, which is about 10 miles up the road in Kawaihae.
It is a good place to pick up a few items to bring home, plus you can have all the samples you want.

We were going to stop on the way back for lunch but decided we'd go back home and maybe go out later.

Around 2:00 Kathy went over for a swim and I went for my usual walk around the fish ponds.  There are a lot of fish in the ponds, especially little ones like these.
Some larger ones, too.  I saw this moray eel today in just a few centimeters of water.

There always lots of myna birds around, they seem to be everywhere. 

Today I saw a pair of these birds.  They are called Yellow-billed cardinals.

I got back to the condo just before 4:00 and just before Kathy.

We barbecued and had dinner on the lanai this evening.  It was hot, sunny, and windy at times day.  There were some clouds blowing in over the Kohala Mountains to the NE of us and we saw a nice partial rainbow as the sun was going down.  (one of us always has a camera handy) 

Good thing the eclipse was last night as there are enough clouds here tonight to make star gazing a bit of a problem.


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