April 16

Here we are at the beach at 8:00, Kathy is just stopping to pick up a little shell.
You can see how the wind the last few days has blown the sand up against the retaining wall at the top of the beach.  Not much wind today so far.
The water is much clearer today, particularly at the surface.
We were in the water for about 3/4 of an hour.  Very nice!
Kathy went to the market to get some produce.
On the back side of the Kings Shops there is a lake which is quite picturesque.  A golf course runs along the other side.
The only store that fronts on the road side rents scooters, bikes and motorcycles.  We notice there is no helmet requirement here.

Not much shopping, we were back home before noon.

Around 1:30 we headed over to the hotel, where Kathy wanted to look at one of the shops.  We agreed to meet over at the beach where we snorkel.

I took my camera and went for a walk around the fish ponds.  Saw this handsome fellow.

And this pretty dragonfly.
I walked over to meet Kathy and walk back to the snorkeling beach.  It is about .5 km from the hotel.
Kathy did well walking in the sand; this is the first time in a while she has walked this far.
There is a nice little restaurant here at the beach where we had a drink and some pulled pork nachos.  This is going to be dinner for us today.
This cat sat and stared at us for a while, hoping for a handout. 

Back home around 4:30 and over to the pool where one of us had a quick dip.


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