April 17

Kathy enjoyed her birthday breakfast on the lanai, opening some cards and gifts.
After breakfast, we went over to the exercise room for a bit of cycling. Actually, one of us went over to take a picture.
When Kathy came back after about 30 min. of cycling we headed down to the beach for a swim.  Kathy had a quick chat with her Mom just before we left.

The water was nice and warm, and fairly clear.

Nice big school of mostly yellow tangs.


is a video I took while I was watching for several minutes. 

Like being in a big aquarium!

I think if I carved some of the fish I've seen, people would think I'd made them up.

We were in the water for about 45 minutes.

We stretched out on loungers for a few minutes and dried off a bit before heading back to the condo.
Around 11:00 we drove about 15 min. to Kukio Bay.  This is where Tania and Travis were married 5 years ago.
There is a park here that is part of the Hualalai Resort.  You have to pick up a pass at a guard house to be able to get to the beach.  Lots of pretty ritzy places here so no riff-raff allowed.  This little bay is a favorite of locals with kids.
Kathy is posing here quite close to where the ceremony took place.
Here's that very handsome Travis fellow waiting for his bride Feb. 12, 2009.
Next to the park is a rocky beach we like to take a walk on.  Each time I've been here I've noticed fish jumping out of this pool into the ocean.  We found out they are blennys, and sure enough I saw them again.  I did manage to catch one in this picture but you'll probably have to take my word for it.  The fish looks like a grey spot near the top of the left side of the vee shape between the pool and the ocean.  (I know this because I took another picture right after this one from the same spot.)

We had a scenic drive home after a stop in Kona at the bead store.  Kathy's driver was very patient, her being the birthday girl.    

Here we are at Tommy Bahama's for Happy Hour.  Good drinks and food.  We're back home around 6:00, and we saved room for birthday cheesecake.

(You'll notice I'm able to post this without slurring my words too badly.)

Great evening to be out on the lanai.  Kathy has made a wish and is getting ready to blow out the candles on her piece of lillikoi cheesecake.

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