April 18

This feels like a great routine; after breakfast, Kathy cycles for 20 min. then we go down to the beach for an hour or so.
It always seems interesting, and feels so good to be out in the water.

Not many pictures today.  I put today's video with yesterday's on utube if you want to see what snorkelling here was like:



Kathy tried a little different fabric dying technique today.  It seemed to work pretty well, should make for some great wall hangings
Kathy enjoyed a message from her Dad which included a nice picture of them with baby Jack.
Kathy wanted to go to the Queen's Market in Waikoloa.  I dropped her off and went for a walk to the Petroglyph Park.
It is about .5 km along a hot, dusty trail.  We came here 5 years ago and it looks just the same.  Not surprising since it has been here for about 1,000 yrs.

It seems amazing that these trees can survive.  There is a bit of sparse foliage near the tops of the trees.

They are a kind of Mimosa tree.  Their branches have large, sharp spines.  You have to be careful you don't step on a fallen branch because the spines can go right through a sandal.  I think Travis found this out.
There are a lot of petroglyphs like these in a small area of fairly smooth lava (which is not too common.)  It is kind of neat that they have been here for around 1,000 years and no one is quite sure what they mean or why they were drawn.
I picked Kathy up at 4:30 - she was actually there early, I asked if this meant she was shopped out and she assured me it was only for the Queen's Market.

When we got back to the condo this gecko was beside the front door.  He blended in pretty well with the color of the siding.

Kind of pretty up close.

But also very reptilian looking.

Good for Kathy to take a few minutes to put her feet up.
The little hibiscus plant by the lanai has been putting out new blooms every day we've been here.  They don't last more than a day or two, especially if it's windy.
Not much snow to be seen on Mauna Kea, quite a difference from when we got here just over two weeks ago.
Here's an old picture from Feb. 2011, quite a lot more snow! (Different lens, too)  Looks like there are seasons here.

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