April 19

Beautiful morning!  Kathy is carrying her cane but not using it here.
These little box fish are quite cute scurrying along the bottom and in and out of crevasses.
This is a convict tang; quite common.
Here is an eel hiding in the coral.
This is another moray eel; apparently they hold their mouths open to breathe.
Just after lunch we drive to Waimea, about a half hour away.  It is at 2500 ft altitude and just like the other two times we were here this trip, it was in the clouds and kind of misty.  We needed the wipers at times. 

Back at Mauna Lani it was overcast but dry.  Kathy wanted to get dropped off at the shops at Mauna Lani for more looking around.  Two more hours of shopping, for her.

Main street of Waimea

Just around the corner from us there is a two cart family.  One looks like the Smart Car of golf carts.
On my walk across a lava field I came upon an interesting bit of remains in a lava tube.
Around 3:30 it was looking very dark to the south.  I'm off to pick up Kathy.
Notice there are no places set on the table.  We ate inside tonight; it was borderline feeling almost cool in shorts and a tee shirt.  Maybe we are getting ready for coming home?
Cleaning up after dinner. 

Kathy was pleased to learn something new today.  Maybe it's something everyone knows, but it was new for us.  Perhaps we should watch commercials.  Know what I'm talking about? 


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