April 2

Nice morning after a cloudy day on Tuesday.  The big news here was the earthquake in Chile yesterday.  On April 1, 1946 Hilo was hit hard with a 35 ft tsunami that killed about 150 people.  It came from an earthquake in Alaska.
We went to Waikoloa (Beach Resort) in the morning.  There are a few shops that Kathy likes to look in and a market on Wednesdays where she bought  few fresh things.
This is how we are used to seeing Mauna LaniMaybe some clouds to the south toward Mauna Loa.
Maybe some clouds to the north.
And clouds around Mauna Kea, but nice and sunny right here
If I sit for a few minutes on the lanai, something usually comes by.  These little guys live in the lava, there must be enough bugs for them to get by on, but it is hard to imagine.
This is our third time in this unit and weve seen the plants fill in beside the lanai.
I went for a nice walk around the fish ponds, abut a half hour away.
They are fed by by underground springs but have a connection to the ocean that is controlled by a gate.  The ancient Hawaiians used them to raise fish. 
There are lots of fish in the ponds, and usually some birds to see.
Lots of little crabs.
This is the Kings' Trail that we often use to get around, it goes for miles and miles on the west side of the island.  It is probably about 1,000 yrs old.
Mauna Kea looked great in the evening.

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