April 20

Quite the sunrise this morning!
Kathy is taking advantage of having some nice, fresh fruit to make smoothies.
I could tell on my morning walk that it is the weekend because during the week there are grounds men cleaning up any debris like this every day.  I'm sure it will be gone tomorrow, although big winds are forecast for this afternoon.
We went over to the Fairmont Orchid Hotel and saw the Easter egg hunt that was put on.
Not much of a hunt, really, once the kids were turned loose it didn't take long for all the eggs to be picked up.
We walked back along paths by the spa area; those are cabana in the background where you can get a spa treatment.  Nice gardens.
Kathy walked back along a path to where we had parked. Notice no cane today.
There is a park here by the beach that we've noticed is quite popular with locals on weekends.  There are several picnic tables and hibachis.
This fellow was the most interestingly attired golfer we saw this trip.  Pretty windy this afternoon but it is still 28 degrees.     
For our last dinner at Mauna Lani we went to the Bay Terrace restaurant at the hotel.  Very good meal, a buffet they called "Crab Feast."  We were both quite stuffed by the time we were finished.  We had great seats to see a beautiful sunset.

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