April 21


This is the state fish of Hawaii, that's its name.  Usually we see it called the humuhumu fish.

We went for one last snorkel this morning after breakfast.  It was overcast at the time and the water was murky, as you can see in some of these pictures.
We saw mostly the usual fish. 
Pretty nice; snorkeling here is one of the things I'll miss the most.
We are both going to leave our snorkeling gear here this time.  We've been carrying it back and forth and this is the only place we've used it.  If we come back to the same place it will likely be here. 

We are going to spend some time tidying up the condo and doing some packing.  One of us might run out of room, it will be close. 

Yes, it was decided we needed another piece of luggage so we drove over to Waikoloa and figured we would have lunch there as well.  If you've been reading this daily, this sign would tell you where we went.
Very nice setting in the shade looking out over the sunny little lake.
The new little suitcase should do the trick.  We're hoping it can be a carry on.
I went for one last walk down toward the fish ponds and back.  The golf villas look pretty quiet right now.

There are 16 buildings with either 5 or 6 units.  They are arranged around the outside of a ring with the pool and exercise room in the middle.  The back of each building faces the golf course.

This ball was waiting for me right in the middle of the trail.  I've been very selective about keeping balls this trip but I'll make room for this one as it is the kind my golfing partner uses.

  Kathy is packed and has cleaned up the kitchen and in a few hours we'll head for the airport.  See everyone soon!

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