April 3

Very colorful sunrise this morning; it happens about 6:15 and we can watch from bed.

After breakfast Kathy went for a cycle in the exercise room while I tried to get the program that I use to edit the web site working.  No luck.

There are mongoose around the area.  Not too many right here by the lanai, but we see the odd one.  They are very timid.

We went for a drive up to Waimea, a town about 30 min. away.  Kathy likes to visit a fabric store there. Not much else to see.  It's not too scenic, although it is known as paniolo (cowboy) country.  It's home to Parker Ranch, which used to be the biggest ranch in the U.S.

We've seen this little cat around the lanai each day, usually in the evening.  There are lots of feral cats on the island, although this is the only on I've seen here.  Very timid, but I suppose there are lots of birds to try and sneak up on.
Like this one, just off the lanai. 
Or this one.  There doesn't seem to be a lot of house sparrows, but there are some.
We went over to the pool for a swim and a sit in the spa.  That's Kathy in there.  I'm using Plan B to update our web site and it is quite a bit more cumbersome so the updates might get a little sparser.

I just heard some music from the luau at Waikoloa.  Must be Happy Hour!

Another beautiful sunset on the mountain!  Looks like the snow is melting.

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