April 4

After breakfast we went to the beach at the resort called the "Beach Club" which is for use by people staying at the resort.  One needs a card to open the gate to drive to the parking lot.  Pretty quiet at 8:15. 

Kathy's leg is pretty sore today so she is taking it easy - swimming a bit, no snorkeling.

I took my camera in snorkeling.  There is lots to see almost immediately after putting your face in the water just a few feet from shore.  Coral starts about 20 ft from where the person is standing in the picture above.

There are quite a few kinds of coral, mostly white, tan and pink.  Two types of sea urchins are common.

Kathy got down to the water for a swim which felt good on her leg.  The water is nice and warm and really easy to get into. 
There were lots of fish to be seen.  This one is a Kikakapu or Ornate Butterfly fish.  They are quite common here.
Here's another with two Lau' Ipala or Yellow Tangs.  They are the commonest larger fish we see snorkeling.  They look like they are about 6" - 8" long.
This was a new one for me.  I think is a Short-Bodied Blenny, pao`o kauila.   


Kathy checked with her physio and he said she definitely should take it easy for a few days.  No cycling or tai chi or hot tub.  Lots of rest, ice and maybe some swimming would be O.K.

I went and got help some walking help and she parked herself on the lanai for the afternoon.


I went for my usual walk around the fish ponds.  The little crabs seem to like to sit in the sun.
The finches are almost always in pairs.  Makes me wonder if the one we saw by itself on the lanai had lost a partner.
The seasons don't seem very noticeable but the birds can tell.
"What are you looking at,"  he seemed to be saying.
Happy hour came along and this was the wine that was opened.  I saw it in the store yesterday and I figured it would make at least three people smile.  Unfortunately it is red so Kathy won't be able to enjoy drinking it.  It is from California, made by a former Gallo employee.

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