April 8

Here are some quick photos of our place.
Downstairs bedroom
Upstairs bedroom, it has an ensuite
Master bedroom
Lanai off the master bedroom
Very windy today, from the Northeast, trade winds they are called in Hawaii.

We went to Waimea, to the fabric store and a grocery store.  Kathy figures groceries are fairly similar to prices at home.  Waimea is at about 2500ft and was in the clouds.  We saw that locals were bundled up with jackets, long pants and raincoats.  Soon after we left Waimea we were in the sun and it was back to 80 degrees by the time we got to Waikoloa.  I filled up the car; we had used $52.00 worth of gas so far.

These hibiscus flowers off the lanai take a beating in the wind.  They usually only last a day after opening, but there seems to be new flowers almost every day.  This one will likely open tomorrow.  The wind is supposed to die done by then.

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