April 9

Kathy has just finished her breakfast and is enjoying her ipad.  She is enjoying being able to keep in touch with everyone.
We headed over to Waikoloa to do some looking and shopping.  This little guy was showing off.
On Wednesdays there is a farmers market in the morning.  A lot of fruit and vegetables are grown on the other side of the island.  Kathy bought some bananas, tomatoes, some ginger, avocados and some nuts.
We agreed to meet in 2 hours.  I went for a walk while Kathy shopped.

Across the street in the Marriot Hotel.  This is the view looking out from the main lobby, over their pools to a sandy beach called "A Bay" which is short for a very long Hawaiian word.

Looking back to the hotel.
Down by the beach, a luau was being set up.  These fellows were in the midst of putting the food over the fire and hot rocks.
It gets covered up and cooks slowly all day.
This is A Bay, one of the well known beaches on this side of the big island
There is a nice path along the shore to the Hilton Hotel, about a kilometer. 
It is quite scenic, not much sand along here but lot of white coral that has been washed up on the beach.
I mentioned the other day that there is a lot to see on the Hilton grounds.  This is the restaurant where Tan and Trav had their wedding dinner.
The grounds cover a lot of acres, and there are a lot of statues.
Lots of places to walk.

Lots of pools.

This one has a water slide too, which didn't quite get in the picture.
There is a pool where one can get next to dolphins, for a price , of course.
The Buddha on the far point was in a picture the other day.  I didn't make it over there today.
This is a very sheltered lagoon that seems very popular.  There are fish, sea turtles and quite a few people.
Lots of nice gardens.

Artifacts of Asian cultures.

This looking down to the lagoon from near the main lobby.  We've seen several events going on here in the past.  The fellow down below in this picture told me he was setting up for a trapeze act this evening.
The main entrance and lobby is in the background.  Some of the rooms are quite far from here and there is a monorail that you can ride.
This canal runs parallel to the monorail, which you can see on the right.  There are canal boats that you can ride to get around the place as well.  Anyone can use these, even snoopy guys like me.
There are a lot of Polynesian artifacts on display.
This one is a hollowed out log that was used as a drum.
There doesn't seem to be a particular reason or theme, but this hippo is cute.
I walked back along the shore and saw the luau pit.  The food is well covered with a lot of sand.  We will be able to here some of the music from our place this evening.

I went to meet Kathy at 12:00.  She had quite a successful bit of shopping, looking around, AND her leg felt good.

All this before lunch!

We went out for happy hour today, over to a little bar on the beach at the Fairmont Orchid.  This meant a walk of about 1/2km, the longest Kathy has walked since her knee gave out the other day.
It took a few minutes to reach our destination.
Mmmm, well worth a walk to get a fresh made ginger ale.  I think that when Kathy thinks Hawaii, this is one of the first things that comes to mind.  Something she has been looking forward to.

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