March 30

First day of our trip and we got to share part of it with Tan and Trav, who gave us a ride to the airport. It would have been great if they could have joined us.

The happy travelers looking forward to some nice, warm, sunny, dry weather.

We had a short wait at the airport for our flight to Seattle.  This is the new Spinnakers lounge.

Our plane to Seattle was about 1/4 full.

It looks like the propeller wasn't turning, but we made it safely.

We got to ride around on the train cars at SeaTac as our departure gate was changed.

We had about a 4 hour wait at the Seattle airport, enough time to have a meal at Anthony's and watch the goings on in the Alaska Air part of the airport.  Our flight left on time, around 6:30, full plane as usual.  Seemed like a smooth flight, and got into Kona around 9:20, which makes it a 6 hour flight.  We picked up our rental car which turned out to be a Mazda 5.  Seems nice, although it was pretty dark in the lot.  We had time to stop at Foodland, the grocery store at Mauna Lani and pick up a couple of things.  Lucky that it is open until 11:00. 

The condo looks great, just as we remember it.  It is nice and warm here, the air smells like Hawaii, with a bit of a breeze.  Too bad it's midnight here as I enter this, we feel pretty energized.


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