March 31

A beautiful morning!  About 7:30 looking out over the golf course from the lanai.
The sun is shining on a lot of snow on Mauna Kea.  The observatories will likely show up better later in the day if it stays clear on the mountain.
We went out for breakfast today, over to the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.  Kathy has been promising to take me out on our first morning. 
This restaurant is called the Bay Terrace.  We came here for dinner last time we were here.  Very nice setting; nice temperature, about 25 degrees.
There were lots of birds around, mostly sparrows and mynas, keeping their eyes out for scraps.  We got a kick watching this little guy chasing them.
This is called the "Luau Breakfast," an omelet with lots of pulled pork and cheese, pancakes and potatoes.  I think I'd better not be having something like this very often or I'll have to get my shorts let out! 


The hotel lobbies are lovely to walk through here.
These koi always get excited when anyone walks by.

When we got back to our condo, Kathy went over to ride the exercise bike for a while.  One thing we really need to buy is some sun screen.  The last couple of times there was quite a bit left for previous guests but this time there was none.

There will be more photos when we get back from a trip to Kona. 

We headed into Kona to do a little shopping around 10:30.  It takes about 30 min. to drive there.  Kathy visited a clothing store and a fabric store, then we went for lunch - a perceptive person would be able to tell where. 

After lunch we picked up enough groceries to last us for a good part of our stay.  Probably a darned good thing as eating out all the time would not be a good idea.

It was overcast when we got back, we went for a short swim in the pool before dinner.
Nice flower by the pool. 

Should be happy hour, I would say.

We have pretty good WiFi at the condo.  Kathy is out on the lanai before dinner looking at her ipad. 

Chicken on the grill tonight was pretty tasty.  We ate on the lanai and came in around 8:00. 


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